Thriving downtown community: If you walk down Main Street you will see a thriving downtown community with over 95% occupancy.

Convenience to airports & interstates, plenty of things to do. Bourbon Tours, Horse Farms, Downtown Shopping, art galleries, farm to table savor, history and more. Link things to Tourism.

Georgetown, scott county kentucky have merged planning and zoning authorities, parks/recs departments, a city/county Revenue Commission and economic development efforts. This allows for more efficiency in operations and less “red” tape.


Currently in Phase I & II of the Development, the Lanes Run Business Park is tucked into the rolling hills of Central Kentucky, the Bluegrass State in Georgetown, Ky off US 62, northeast of town, and managed by Scott County United. Lanes Run Business Park blends into its grassy surroundings. The business park’s most visible building is the Bluegrass Community and Technical College campus that helps supply Scott County with skilled employees to the county’s growing industrial base through their Advanced Manufacturing Technician program (FAME), other manufacturing pathways as well as general education course work for an Associate’s degree.

Lanes Run Business Park has approximately 130 acres of BP-1 zoned acreage and 24 acres of Technology designed acres at the eastern entrance to the Park. Property in Phase I is being sold for $25,000 per acre, land in Phase II is $35,000 per acre and the technology property is being sold for $75,000 an acre with ALL infrastructure in place.

Some of the latest locations and expansions have taken place in Phase I and include Heartland Automation, Creform, Bastion Solutions, Country Boy Brewing and Ecofibre. The latest was Ecofibre, an Australian firm that focuses on Hemp Black; an industrial use business that has their emphasis on highly innovative solutions across a wide spectrum of consumer markets to include fashion, leisure wear, healthcare, furniture, composites and building materials. They opened in July 2020 and are the engine to allow for a truly diversified Business Park.

While new partners are wanted in the Lanes Run Business Park, the quickest path to job growth is often expansions. Heartland Automation has already undergone a significant expansion, Country Boy Brewing has its largest facility in the park and has already undergone one expansion, Bastion Solutions has likewise expanded.

Ecofibre is hemp, Country Boy is distilling and Bastion, Heartland Automation and Creform are manufactures for a myriad of companies. The goal to diversify is underway.